Mini BoB  is our smallest raised structure. Consisting of just 3 panels and a staircase to give you an elevated private viewing gallery for 15-20 people (Health & Safety dependent).  perfect for when you want the view but are limited on space. Mini BoB creates 15m2 of 1st floor space  doubling your plot size and can be used with or without a ground floor – Great for any sports event, festivals, judging towers, DJ booths and many other events.

Benefits include:
No machinery – can be constructed with a minimum of just 2 crew members. Suitable indoors or outdoors, on grass, concrete, sand or unlevel ground.
Health & Safety compliant – no short cuts, just meticulous care and attention.
Our modular kit allows you to change size and shape to suit your needs. Personalise with your own logo and brand colours.
Good weather scenario 40 guests, bad weather scenario 20 guests comfortably.

Patented technology – a leap forward in design engineering.

Mini BoB can be combined with bridges to create unique structures, or connected with any of our kit combinations to produce stunning creations to elevate your brand.

Mini BoB at various locations
Mini BoB Popping up around the country