The BoB configuration uses 7 decking panels and staircase. Beautifully designed and unlike anything else out there, this pagoda-style event structure looks spectacular rebranded with company logos and company colours.

BoB has been previously used for hospitality events, exhibitions, merchandising, entertainment and educational functions – anything that requires an inspiring, unique space, to see more look at our case studies. To elevate guests off the ground heightens the experience and overall feel of the area. Simply by raising the floor by 300mm the view is dramatically increased.

Benefits include:

  • No machinery – can be constructed with a minimum of just 3 crew members.
  • Suitable indoors or outdoors, on grass, concrete, sand or unlevel ground.
  • Health & Safety compliant – no short cuts, just meticulous care and attention.
  • Our modular kit allows you to change size and shape to suit your needs.
  • This configuration allows 50 people to use the space upstairs.
  • If more are needed an extra staircase can be added which would allow and extra 30 people to go upstairs.
  • Patented technology – a leap forward in design engineering.